New iPhone app for Naim HDX

Naim today confirmed that the HDX app to control the Naim HDX Hard Disk Player is available from the Apple iTunes app store.

The HDX app, was designed and coded in-house by Naim’s software team.

The HDX app, which also controls the primary output of NaimNet Music Servers, was developed following customer feedback provided via Naim’s long-running and influential forum.

Naim’s HDX App allows you to control your HDX hard disk player remotely. With your music library at your fingertips, you can now sit back and take control. Browse and play any of the music stored on your HDX with the easy-to-use app.

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Naim HDX gets major software update

Naim Audio today confirmed that the new update — Version 1.5 — for the Naim HDX Hard Disk Player is available for retailers to download. In addition, thousands of CDs are in the post to Naim retailers to enable them to update their customers’ HDXs.

Version 1.5 brings a major improvement in convenience with rip to NAS and far more flexible networking. Shares are scanned or ignored by selection thus reducing scanning time and improving speed of music availability. This part of the update alone will bring massive benefits to many Naim customers who have large collections of music waiting further ripping.

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The New Year and Computers

What is it about the new year and computers? The two weeks over the Christmas holidays is the time when I tend to try to stay away from computers as much as possible.

Somehow, however, they seem to feel that they are being unloved and one always fails over during this time.

This year it was a hard drive initially causing constant rebooting and then pulling down the power supply enough to kill it.
Even a new PS was stopped dead by the offending drive. At least the new PS survived the ordeal.

This was then followed by a Vista machine refusing to update itself. A problem I’ve yet to fix.

There are times I absolutely hate computers.