Logitech Squeezebox Touch with EDO and hiFace1 based USB DACs/converters

I spotted this blog over the weekend

It explains, in detail, how to connect to a Squeezebox Touch to install a suitable Linux driver to enable a M2Tech hiFace or EDO to work connected to the SBT’s USB socket.

The performance when connected this way  using my hiFace 1 is significantly better than I was getting using the S/PDIF output from my SBT.

There were two elements that confused me: one was forgetting that case is sometimes important in http links and the other in logging in as root.

Here is the original instruction in italics and below it my suggestion of what to do

▪         Open a root SSH session (default password: 1234)  and execute the following 5 commands all followed by “return” (newline). The last one will reboot your SBT. Please be aware of any non-intended line-breaks inserted by your browser formatting the text.

▪          ssh -l root “IP Address of Player” <Return>

▪         root password (default is 1234) <Return>

Next I’d like to try the hiFace 2 as a comparison.  It should be even easier as it doesn’t require a special driver under Linux (or Mac).

Let me know how you get on.



Naim Launches NDS: a New High-End Network Player

Sound and Vision Show Bristol, 24thFebruary 2012.  Naim today demonstrated its new high-end NDS network player for the first time publically and confirmed an estimated delivery date of May 2012.

The brief to Naim’s R&D was simple: design a network player that is demonstrably superior to the award-winning NDX.
As a result, the NDS is a network player capable of the finest musical performance yet.  A player that delivers more music with CD rips that most players do with hi-res sources.
More information and images here



Focal launches Spirit One Headphones

Delivering performance aligned with the Focal brand and reflecting the values of Focal Utopia, the world’s best loudspeaker series, The Focal Spirit One headphone is available from February 2012.

More information and images



Naim Label releases first Super Hi Definition download

Naim Label releases Meet Me In London – the label’s most successful recording – as a 24bit/192kHz download.

An early downloader can win a Naim ND5 XS network player

Some 14 years after the original recording was released as a Naim Label CD, Meet Me In London by world-renowned guitarist Antonio Forcione and sublime singer Sabina Sciubba is being reborn, but this time as a super hi definition download.

More information and images



Multi-award-winning Naim HDX gets SLC SSD

May 6 2010 High-End Show, MOC, Munich. Naim confirms, in an aggregate of abbreviations, that the multi-award-winning Naim HDX is to be offered with a 16GB Enterprise grade, Single Level Cell (SLC), Solid State Drive (SSD). This totally silent drive will contain the operating system and includes space for future upgrades. This and the performance upgrades are an upgrade option for existing HDX owners.

More Information and images


hiFace m2Tech part 2

Marco at M2Tech generously sent me the new Mac drivers for 10.6. The file is called hiface 1045106.dmg. What a surprising difference. The edginess that had been concerning me – an all pervading roughness that flattened the stereo illusion of depth and took away from the delight of female voices – was far reduced.

Performance is now really rather good and for the price it’s excellent.

But it is still not a high end solution.  The Firewire output from my Mac into the TC Konnect 8 is still significantly better in virtually every way: More detail, better low end, sweeter voices and the list continues.  There is a price difference of course: The Konnect 8 with a modified Naim PSC is around £500 making it around five times the cost of the hiFace.  The question is, are you trying to save money or are you an audiophile?


The hiFace M2Tech

Getting Pure Music was the motivation I needed to try the hiFace M2Tech again. Last time the results were a little dissapointing: it wasn’t the giant killer that various forumites had been writing about. It was OK value for it’s price of around £105 including the BNC output, but in my opinion no more.
To recap the M2Tech is a USB2 to S/PDIF device that comes in a small portable package.
More info here.
One caveat, and hence one more experiment required, is that I have been using the M2 with a 5metre coaxial digital cable terminated in BNC plugs. Maybe it would work better with a 5m long USB cable and a short digital? That’s for another day.

Remember that I’m comparing a budget USB to S/PDIF device with a more expensive Firewire based device powered by a good stiff linear PS (a modified Naim PSC). No great surprise that there was a difference especially as the Konnect 8 is my favourite way of getting digital music from a computer so far.

The results using the same system as used for the Pure Music listening, but substituting the M2 and cables for the Konnect 8 and cables, wern’t in the same league. The M2 is  rougher, more two dimensional and just lacks the sheer class of the Konnect 8 based interface.

Pure Music works well with it, and Memory Play sounded cleaner and tidier than standard play.

With this and the Pure Music listening it’s just the start of the process.  More when I’ve experienced them in more than one system.

Postscript: I experimented today with a 5m long hi-speed USB cable and a one metre BNC to BNC S/PDIF cable.  There was a small improvement over the 5m S/PDIF cable but the results were still a little dissapointing.  To be fair, the M2Tech is a budget product and as such sounds great.  It just doesn’t really cut it in a high-end system.


Naim updates award-winning CDX2 CD Player

Naim has updated its CDX2 CD player to coincide with the forthcoming launch of the Naim DAC.

More information and images

This is the first major revision for this product in over 7 years. This takes the CDX2 into new markets delivering greater performance and far increased flexibility. The price remains the same.

The new version CDX2 adds a switchable S/PDIF output on a 75 Ohm BNC connector for the correct impedance match.