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This site should truly sort the music lover from the hi-fi lover.  Register for free on and listen to a choice of a huge amount of live recordings of great bands from years ago.  So far I’ve listened to Elton John, Black Sabbath, Little Feat and  Grateful Dead.  There’s enough music to keep me listening for weeks.

Sound quality is generally rather good.  Good in a bandwidth limited, obviously live but solid sort of way, but one recording did sound as if it was made of a fluttery cassette.

I played it back from my HP2133 into a M-Audio Transit into my Behringer SRC2496 upsampling to 24/88 all feeding my Naim system.  Maybe a bit OTT but well worth the effort.

Thanks to John Atkinson, editor of Stereophile mag for bring this superb resource to my attention

Highly recommended


Ideal for dinner parties: the Wadia 170iTransport?

I was very lucky a few days ago to listen to a Wadia 170iTansport.
I knew I was going to be able to listen to it for a few hours so I chose a few wav rips of CDs and imported them into iTunes.

I restored my second generation 8Gb Nano so I would have “uncontaminated” storage. It’s now loaded with all the wav rips.

I listened to the digital output of the Wadia connected to the Behringer SRC2496 via a Chord Signature Digital Cable.

Performance using the Behringer was absolutely ideal for dinner parties and background music. There was absolutely no chance of anyone being dstracted by any emotion from the music. The best results were with the Behringer upsampling to 24Bit 88.2k before doing it’s D to A conversion.
I was a bit concerned that the results I heard were so far from what I have read in some magazines’ reviews so I connected the same digital cable to the Naim HDX as a source and using the same rips all the passion and feeling of the music was restored.

Well, what does that mean?  I guess it says that the 170iTransport works in some systems and not in others.


Behringer SRC2496

The Behringer SRC2496 has got to be the best value DAC around.  Mine cost £99 delivered.  Not only is it a good value DAC that upsamples (if you wish it to) it is also an 24/96 Analog to Digital converter.

I’ve started to experiment with digitally recording vinyl.  Absolutely fascinating. I’d always assumed that digitally recording vinyl would bring the worst of both worlds but it works. And it works well.

The sound quality is absolutely remarkable for the price.  Well worth shoping around on this.  It’s going to be very difficult to get a demo before purchase so you may have to take a chance.

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