Keith Monks launches discOveryOne

discOveryOne from Keith Monks. Inventor of the original electric Record Cleaning Machine, brings the record cleaning quality so prized by the BBC, the US Library of Congress and the British Library National Sound Archive among others, in an easier and more affordable package.

Keith Monks today announced that the new discOveryOne Record Cleaner had started production in the UK. It will shortly be available worldwide.

More information and images



BBC to add HD Radio

It was reported in the Daily Telegraph today that BBC Radio 3 will be available as a 320kbps AAC stream from December.

This follows the very successful trial during the Proms

More BBC stations to follow in the new year evidently

And here is a link explaining, in a bit more technical depth, about the Proms experimental streams


Pirate Radio: Did I blog too soon?

I received an email today from the BBC suggesting that, on their initial investigation, the radio station causing the interference to Radio 4 is potentially a pirate radio station.

The email goes on to say it might take a while before the station is eventually closed down but it does indicate they they expect to close it down.

I’m impressed, something appears to be happening. Maybe I’ll be able to go back to FM in the bathroom and use the very impressive Squeezebox Radio somewhere else.


Is pirate radio helping DAB?

BBC Radio 4 FM on a portable radio around here is spoilt by breakthrough from a pirate which I think is called Riddim Radio. RR appears to be spilling out everywhere and it sounds somewhat overmodulated.  I complained by the BBC website expecting an email or a call in response but basically nothing than the standard reply stating I might not get a reply.

I know this is a bit conspiracy theory like, but pirate radio must be pushing more people to DAB.  So it makes sense that the BBC or whoever is now responsible  – is it OFCOM? – don’t bother to shut down the pirates.

Squeezebox Radio
Squeezebox Radio - internet radio definitely not DAB

Didn’t work with me; I bought a internet radio, a lovely Squeezebox Radio, which was installed in minutes. It  gives me access to Radio 4 via iPlayer at a decent bit rate – 128kbps AAC –  access to Radio Paradise and other great internet radio stations and all my stored music.

It sounds great, a nice tone as my parent used to say and is easy to use.  The one downside is the crazily high priced battery pack with remote control pack available as an accessory.  However I’ve found a website with advice on how to make one so I’ll do that if I ever get some spare time.


BBC Radio 3 Trials 320kbps AAC Stream

A post on the Naim Forum alerted me to this important BBC trial.  How had I missed the announcements?  I’d be interested in knowing where the announcements of this trial were made.

Here is the key BBC Blog and here is more information.

I’ve also found that Triode has already updated his wonderful BBCi Player Plugin for the Squeezebox to allow access to this feed.

Please try it, the quality is wonderful.  With this quality for Radio 3 and hopefully BBC 6 Music and maybe 256kbps for Radio 4 and 7 we don’t need DAB at all.

The BBC are looking for feedback on this short term trial for the last week of the Proms, so don’t delay.