Beware alibaba

If you are visiting here after seeing products I am supposedly selling via then let me clarify the situation.

AudioPlus Ltd. is a company supplying consultancy services. It does not sell any goods or products of any kind.

I have reported the fraudulent activity to three times so far. Once I received some temporary action then no follow ups to emails.

I’m not impressed, I get the feeling that the bosses at Alibaba put their business revenues before protecting users.

I’m sorry if you have got all the way to here and have found out that the deal isn’t what you thought; but better you find out now.


The Thumbnails are back

Still don’t quite understand why but some of my thumbnails files were thumbs-filename and some were thumbs_filename.
Now I’ve renamed them all to thumbs_filename they all seem to work again.
I can move on to more important things like getting the next Chord press release out.


The old AudioPlus website is no more

I moved the old AudioPlus site – a mainly image resource site –  away from to here at yesterday.  I’ve left a few links for visitors clicking on or reading older press releases but effectively the old site is now closed.

The images can now be accessed via the link to the old site in the links section.

There are product and people images for Audica, Chord, Castle Naim, The Naim Label and Naimnet.

If you are looking for a particular image to support a magazine or newspaper piece or a blog and you can’t find it just let me know.