Enthusiasm, Over Selling or Spam?

Mid April I bought a few downloaded tracks from Blue Coast Records. They were hi-res recordings and not too bad at all.
Since then the guys at Blue Coast have not left me alone. Every few days I get another email trying to flog me some more.
Am I alone in thinking that this is Spamming me? One email a month trying to sell me some new stuff would be absolutely fine and in fact I might do exactly that and buy some more. But all these emails are just a PITA and I’ve sent the please unsubscribe email.

No more business for them from me.

One thought on “Enthusiasm, Over Selling or Spam?

  • 15/05/2009 at 06:37

    Hi there, you did the right thing… unsubscribe….
    not everyone seeing it as flogging.. 🙂

    In a month, you’ll be able to join as a member to the backend and check out new material at your leisure without being on the mailing list.

    Best to you,
    Cookie Marenco
    ps… glad you liked the music!

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