I’ve been experimenting with NextGen Gallery and have used it to upload some selected images including the images of the new Naim NAIT XS


Closed minds

I’ve been reading audio forums for years and they have always had their share of posters that can’t seem to allow others to take pleasure in their purchases.
As an example someone might post how they have purchased a new cable and are very pleased with the improvement it has brought to their system. The negative poster will reply stating that there can’t possibly be a change in sound quality from changing this cable and the purchaser must be fooling themselves.

Recently the number of ‘disbelievers’ seems to be on the increase. They don’t believe that different cables sound different, that different supports sound different and even seem to believe that digital is digital and if it doesn’t have errors it must sound the same.

I tend to think the safer way is to consider that every change you make to a hi-fi system is audible. Might make it better, might make it worse or it might be so small a change it doesn’t really matter, but there will be a change.

In fact if you make a change and you can’t hear a difference then consider why.
Is it a scientific way to look at things? Probably more so than trying to convince yourself there isn’t a change.



This WordPress stuff isn’t as easy as I thought it might be.
Finally found a theme I like the look of that works with what I’m trying to do
I think a custom theme is the way to go ultimately, but it may take a while to get there.


Radio Paradise

I’ve become a bit obsessed with Internet radio station Radio Paradise recently.
It seems to be a smallish operation, almost family run. What they do well besides play great music is have style.
Go visit their website and have a look around. See how the playlist links so well to Amazon in whichever country flavour you fancy.
It’s a listener supported station, so no ads, but of course that means they are looking for contributions from listeners.
The music is mainly what the music industry used to call Adult Orientated Rock by the way.
I have to say that I like almost everything they play even though I haven’t heard more than 50% before.

And did I tell you about the 128k AAC and 192k mp3 streams as well as the standard 128k mp3.

I prefer the sound of the 128k AAC stream – it’s remarkably good sound quality for a internet radio station.

I’d be interested in your views


Work in progress

This is very much work in progress.

My target is to have this finished and up on the final domain during January 2009

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