British Federation of Audio

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Formed in 1965 by around thirty British manufacturers of hi-fi equipment, the Federation of British Audio, as it was then called, served to foster the interests of a developing industry and to promote the widest use of its products at home and, especially, overseas. Thanks largely to the dedicated work of those founder-members, British hi-fi equipment became widely respected and helped set the scene — and the standard — for a thriving global industry.

In recent years, as the market has matured, the Federation’s membership has broadened and now consists of a melange of manufacturers and distributors of a wide range of audio, home-theatre products and accessories. To reflect these changes, the name was changed to the British Federation of Audio in 1994. In 2001 the BFA became a Company Limited by Guarantee.

It is important to have an impartial central identifying authority around which the industry can rally. The BFA’s long history and excellent track record make it a natural rallying point and with the industry’s enthusiastic support, the BFA is helping build on the remarkable achievements of the past, towards a bright and expanding future.

The BFA was closed around 20011 due to dwindling support from the industry.

The BFA Plug remains a world standard.