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Naim Label – A new website, a new name and a new URL

The new Naim Label website supports downloads from 320kbs MP3s to 24Bit 96kHz wav and FLAC. Sign up and if you are in the UK you can download a free track from the Naim Label’s new signing William Fitzsimmons. Licensing restricts the download to the UK only.

Naim Label information

My sentiments entirely

Very interested to read on Amarra’s website and I paraphrase ‘it’s easy to make music sound good on a computer but hard to make it sound fabulous’.  I think they have been listening to my conversations.

Next week I’m in Munich for the High End show and by coincidence will be sharing a booth (or to be more exact one of my clients Thorens is sharing a booth) themed Sources of the Future – as it’s vinyl and streaming – with Higoto who are Germany’s streaming experts.

The demos will be of Thoren’s new Tri-Balance turntable, the Logitech Transporter and a Macbook running iTunes with the Amarra software into a Weiss DAC.

Should be very interesting.  It’ll bring out all the digits is digits posts again, especially as Amarra is around $1500.  That means the price of Mac Book Pro , Amarra and DAC will be around £5-6k.  Cheaper than my CD player. But will it deliver as much?

Will it be fabulous hi-fi or fabulous music?

NaimNet’s new website

NaimNet has developed the new website – which is live in time for the ISE show in Amsterdam – to operate on three levels: to offer a high level of support to NaimNet installers; to act as a shop window for prospective customers – to drive traffic to NaimNet installers – and to provide non-NaimNet-certified trade with more technical information

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Adrian supplies more header images

Adrian Lyon the photographer that supplied all my wonderful original header images has just supplied some more.

The images are random so you may have to refresh the page(s) a few times to see all the images

And please respect Adrian’s copyright on these images.

Adrian Lyon Photography

The old AudioPlus website is no more

I moved the old AudioPlus site – a mainly image resource site –  away from to here at yesterday.  I’ve left a few links for visitors clicking on or reading older press releases but effectively the old site is now closed.

The images can now be accessed via the link to the old site in the links section.

There are product and people images for Audica, Chord, Castle Naim, The Naim Label and Naimnet.

If you are looking for a particular image to support a magazine or newspaper piece or a blog and you can’t find it just let me know.