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Keith Monks

Keith Monks discOvery mini One Sapphire Limited Edition

Celebrating 45 years of the original – the Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine

Keith Monks Audio today unveiled the new discOvery mini One Sapphire Limited Edition Record Cleaning Machine.  This exclusive model takes all the benefits of the discOveryOne so successfully launched in 2013, and then improves on it.  The Sapphire is the smallest ever Keith Monks and features a vacuum gauge, hinged lid cover and the Keith Monks Classic precision wash system built in. Each Sapphire machine and its accompanying certificate are individually numbered, and both display a reproduction Keith Monks original signature.

The discOvery mini One Sapphire is a limited edition of 45 production units worldwide.

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Keith Monks launches discOveryOne

discOveryOne from Keith Monks. Inventor of the original electric Record Cleaning Machine, brings the record cleaning quality so prized by the BBC, the US Library of Congress and the British Library National Sound Archive among others, in an easier and more affordable package.

Keith Monks today announced that the new discOveryOne Record Cleaner had started production in the UK. It will shortly be available worldwide.

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Keith Monks Returns To CES

CES – High Performance Audio at The Venetian, Room 30-233

The Keith Monks brand returns to CES – after its previous showing back in 1983, some 27 years ago. Jonathan Monks, son of the famous Keith, returns Keith Monks Audio to CES: leading from the front in the newly reinvigorated company. Jonathan has spent the last few years refining the design and manufacture of the most famous record cleaning machines in the world.

The timing is ideal: it is the 40th anniversary of Keith Monks Audio and the new and much-planned celebratory model, the Ruby, is finally coming off the production line.

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New 40th Anniversary Record Cleaning Machine from Keith Monks

Forty years after hi-fi pioneer Keith Monks defined modern record care with the launch of the world’s first Record Cleaning Machine, Keith Monks Audio celebrates with the limited edition RUBY. The RUBY, with maximum sales worldwide limited to 40, includes new and exclusive features, many unique in record cleaning.

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First review of Keith Monks Omni RCM available as a pdf

Check out the Keith Monks Tab for the link to the world’s first review of the Omni.

Jon Monks will be at the Sound and Vision “The Bristol Show” on the weekend of 20th -22nd February.

Here is what it will say in the showguide

Some say he neither eats nor sleeps and is powered entirely by miniature wind turbines. And that every hair on his body is in fact a rare form of naturally occurring Pure Carbon Fibre.
All we know is, he’s called The Record Doctor. And he’ll be giving your record the best clean it’s ever had – on the legendary and newly revitalised Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine.
All at The Bristol Hifi Show.

(1 record per visitor cleaned free subject to time availability)

Bristol Hifi Show

The Keith Monks Classic is reviewed in the next issue of Hi-fi Choice magazine

Record Cleaning Shocker

Last night I visited a friend who was borrowing a Keith Monks Classic Record Cleaning Machine. I arrived to find a large pile of cleaned LPs and a man excitedly playing a track from a record, cleaning it and then playing it again.
I know KM is a client and I’m therefore biased, but the results were shocking.
The sound quality improvement wasn’t subtle at all. It wasn’t just a case of less noise: less clicks and pops. The shocking change was in detail and the ability to hear sounds low in the mix that were just inaudible before or in the case of voices unintelligible before.
It was the sort of improvements to sound quality that a significant upgrade in cartridge might bring.
As I said, shocking. Good shocking though.