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HDMI cable silences my listening room

Having a PC in my listening room was convenient as I have often been experimenting with different audio playback apps, sound cards, and all the various drivers like ASIO and Kernel Streaming.
The problem though was the noise of the PC. All that investment in a great hi-fi system and a signal to noise ratio destroyed by computer fans.
The solution came to me last week and it was simple.
OK, I have an advantage: a cable company as a client. Nigel at Chord was kind enough to send me a 5m HDMI Silver Plus cable and two DVI to HDMI adapters.
The experiment was to move the PC outside my listening room and then to use a 5m Chord HDMI and 5m USB cables to monitor and control the PC.
The worry was running a good monitor at 1920 by 1200 over a 5m HDMI cable. Would the image quality be reduced? The image was absolutely fine and so much so that I temporarily tried a 10 m cable which worked just as well.
Definitely a result. Noise removed from my listening room, the hi-fi sounds significantly better. The computer is no harder to use. I’ll use a USB DVD drive near the monitor for normal stuff but walk the few metres to use the Plextor Premium CD drive for serious ripping.

Naim launches NaimUniti

On demonstration for the first time at the Bristol Sound and Vision show February 20-22, and on sale from April 2009, the NaimUniti – the more music box – will deliver the customary Naim sound quality and emotional connection to music to a new generation of customers as well as existing ones.
Naim developed the NaimUniti – never to be called Uniti – in recognition of a growing demand for integrated solutions. Sophisticated consumers are becoming used to converging audio sources but can be reluctant to compromise on quality. Now they don’t have to.


NaimNet’s new website

NaimNet has developed the new website – which is live in time for the ISE show in Amsterdam – to operate on three levels: to offer a high level of support to NaimNet installers; to act as a shop window for prospective customers – to drive traffic to NaimNet installers – and to provide non-NaimNet-certified trade with more technical information

More imformation and images

Adrian supplies more header images

Adrian Lyon the photographer that supplied all my wonderful original header images has just supplied some more.

The images are random so you may have to refresh the page(s) a few times to see all the images

And please respect Adrian’s copyright on these images.

Adrian Lyon Photography

The Thumbnails are back

Still don’t quite understand why but some of my thumbnails files were thumbs-filename and some were thumbs_filename.
Now I’ve renamed them all to thumbs_filename they all seem to work again.
I can move on to more important things like getting the next Chord press release out.

Changed the links and broke a few images on the site

I always knew that there was a danger in working on this site in full view of anyone and everyone – I should be so lucky.

It’s not catastrophic but I changed the style of linking and I have broken quite a few on the internal links.

Sorry if you are looking for an up to date Chord image.

It should only take a day or so to fix.