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Beware QNAP NAS Firmware upgrades

I’ve been a huge supporter of QNAP Network Attached Storage drive for years and they have been solid, reliable and quiet. What more can one ask?

However I’ve recently had problems with two of my NAS drives.  My backup music drive, a TS-212P with two 3TB Western Digital Red Hard drives failed to connect to any windows computer or a smb share from my mac  This after a firmware upgrade to Version 4.02.

A half hour or so on the phone to tech support fixed the problem with a reinstall of the same firmware.

Far more significantly, I recently upgraded my TS-469 Pro – including four 3TB Western Digital Red Hard Drives – to firmware version 4.05 and immediately could not connect to the two USB3 external drives I have connected to my NAS. Again a quick call to support confirmed the problem and enabled me to downgrade the firmware to 4.02 where everything worked again.

The strong recommendation is: Do not upgrade the firmware on a QNAP NAS drive until it has been available for a good long time and all checks on websites and forums indicate it’s safe.



Logitech Squeezebox Touch with M2tech hiface Two

Having successfully ‘hacked’ my Squeezebox Touch to add the linux drivers necessary to enable the hiface One it seemed only logical to try using the new M2tech hiface Two.  The hiface Two is USB 2.0 audio compatible – it uses a XMOS solution – so does not require drivers for OS X or Linux.

Comparing the original hiface to the new version Two was just a matter of plugging in the hiface and selecting it in the Advanced/Digital Output menu options (assuming Triode’s excellent Enhanced Digital Output App is enabled). Each change of convertor requires a SBT reboot, but it happens automatically and takes very little time.

The sound quality differences between the hiface and its newer sibling were not as great as the difference between using the SBT from its S/PDIF output and using a hiface – that’s a complete no brainer imho – but they were obvious and the hiface two was the clear winner.

The original hiface in comparison was a little more raw, a little rougher round the edges, a little less ‘relax back into the chair’. To put it into some sort of perspective, if I owned a original hiface I wouldn’t upgrade unless I also owned a SBT and couldn’t face the ‘hacking’

If I owned a SBT was using the S/PDIF output and didn’t try the hiface Two I’d potentially be missing a huge chunk of performance.

hiface Two, USB to S/PDIF device

Keith Monks launches discOveryOne

discOveryOne from Keith Monks. Inventor of the original electric Record Cleaning Machine, brings the record cleaning quality so prized by the BBC, the US Library of Congress and the British Library National Sound Archive among others, in an easier and more affordable package.

Keith Monks today announced that the new discOveryOne Record Cleaner had started production in the UK. It will shortly be available worldwide.

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New Motive SX Series from Neat Acoustics

The next generation of Motive speakers, the SX series, are now shipping. These new models maintain the essential appeal of the original Motive models but introduce significant improvements in all aspects of performance.

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Sons of Kemet nominated for Best Jazz Act in the 18th annual MOBO Awards

Naim Jazz is pleased to announce that Sons of Kemet have been nominated for Best Jazz Act in the 18th annual MOBO Awards to be held at the SSE Hydro, Glasgow on 19 October.

With the release of their debut album ‘Burn’ on 9 September Sons of Kemet cemented the fierce reputation they had garnered through their incendiary live performances.

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Focal Aria 900 – Affordable luxury

The Aria 900 paves the way for radical technology changes and brings a new design combining stylish classicism with modernity. This approach befits new consumer thinking, now turned towards refined, long-lasting products.

All new Flax loudspeakers, so named on account of their flax membranes, new TNF tweeters, minimalist style cabinets and perfectly optimised phase crossovers – all delivering the informed music lover with a cocktail of total sound pleasure.

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