Odeon: fanatical about film maybe, but not quality

Skyfall: great film spoilt by a cinema that talks the talk but obviously doesn’t understand or care about reproduction quality.

Screen 4, the IMAX screen in the Odeon Wimbledon on Monday evening was a pretty sorry excuse for a quality cinema experience. I suggest you avoid making my mistake and pay less ( we paid for the, admittedly more comfy but still not enough legroom premium seats) to see Skyfall locally.

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Focal UK moves to Salisbury

Focal UK moved from its traditional Coventry base to relocate in Salisbury during October 2012. The new team and new site will be able to deliver a far greater service to their retailer partners.

After six years based in Coventry, Focal UK has moved its offices, service department and whole operation to Salisbury.

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It might be larger, thinner and lighter but it’s also dead

I placed an order with Apple for extra Lightning cables and adapters well before my iPhone 5 arrived and I still do not have a confirmed shipping date other than October.

I left home this morning grabbing the lightning cable, stuffing it into my bag as there is no way the phone will last for two days. Tonight sitting in my hotel room I found the cable I had packed; a traditional iPhone cable, the one that had been in use charging my iPad.

So hello useless iPhone 5. It will be on its last few percent of battery tomorrow morning and I will be without a phone for most of the day.

How could Apple with its new CEO a manufacturing man get its supply chain so badly wrong? And if it knew the delays were going to be this bad, why did it consider its bottom line before its customers. A few weeks delay in launching the phone would have allowed a lot more stock of accessories to be manufactured.

Last time I upgrade until I know everything is in place.

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