New Neat Ultimatum XL10

Twelve years after the launch of the MF9 it is replaced as the Ultimatum flagship by the XL10. The Neat Acoustics Ultimatum XL10 will be available in November .
The XL10 is the result of a complete revision of the flagship MF9 model, building upon that model’s strengths in order to deliver a world-class full range performance.
The ULTIMATUM XL10 loudspeaker adheres to all the principles that have ensured the ULTIMATUM series such enduring success.

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New Chord Company USB SilverPlus

Responding to demand from computer audiophiles requesting a Chord quality USB cable, the USB SilverPlus launches with no pretensions to technical supremacy through advanced materials or unique construction techniques. It does however benefit from twenty years’ experience in designing cables that make a real difference.

USB SilverPlus is based on the technical understanding and empirical experience that developing successful cables bring.

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