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November, 2010:

Help needed: Siemens S685 IP Dect Phone kills router

My replacement second ADSL2+ modem router is also consistently rebooting about every couple of hours when connected to the Siemens S685 IP base station.  When the base station isn’t connected to the network the modem is rock solid and stable.   BeThere my ISP isn’t being that helpful and I can’t find any where to get sensible answers from Siemens.

I’ve Googled and so far I can’t find any clues.  Anyone got any ideas?

Siemens S685 IP Phone

Siemens S685 IP Phones with Base Station

New Chord ActivePlus High Speed HDMI

The Chord Company has started to deliver its new high-end HDMI cable to retailers. The new Active SilverPlus High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet replaces Active SilverPlus.

This new cable, fully certified as High Speed in all lengths – and available in lengths up to 15 metres – includes an audio-optimised audio return and Ethernet capability.

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Active SilverPlus includes an updated version of the in-line high-frequency filter used so successfully on the original Active HDMI. The filter removes high-frequency interference ensuring the best possible picture and sound.

Siemens S685 IP Dect Phone kills my internet connection

It is somewhat ironic that changing to a Dect phone system that will also allow VOIP calls has almost killed my internet connection.  It seems to be caused by the SMPS supplied with the Siemens connection box rather than the phone itself.  Unfortunately the DC input plug is the one size I don’t have so I can’t try a substitute.  It even managed to get my Thompson ADSL2+ modem/router to continually reboot yesterday afternoon.  I’ve tried mains filters everywhere and even ferrite rings but nothing will bring my internet back up to speed except unplugging the Siemens PS and rebooting the modem.

BeThere my internet supplier is send me a more up-to-date ADSL2+ modem/router to try.  In the meantime it’s back to the Panasonic phones.

Follow up:  The new ADSL2+ modem router has arrived and it works well.  The Siemens phones are now back in and working pretty well.  A few small problems with the firewall to sort out but other than that everything is good.

Follow up2:  The few small problems with the firewall turned into consistent router rebooting whenever the base station was connected to the network.

Sorry, The Independent will be late today

I had two reasons for buying a Kindle, both quite simple.  The first was to save money, the £13.99 it costs to get the Indy on a Kindle is quite a lot less than having the paper delivered. The second reason was that I was fed up with waiting for my paper to be delivered when the ‘paper boy’ was late.

This morning, for the second time since starting,  the Kindle ‘paper boy’ is late.  This is the second time I have received the message in the headline and hopefully the last.  When it occurred last time I didn’t notice a credit on my account for the missing day – missing as far as I’m concerned as I don’t read a newspaper after breakfast but this time I’m going looking. Doesn’t seem unreasonable to me that they credit my account with the amount to pay for a day’s Daily Telegraph.

It’s a pretty poor show.  Once is understandable given new technology and new delivery systems but twice strikes of poor management or a lack of commitment.

HRH The Duke of Kent visits Naim Audio

28 October 2010. Salisbury, UK. Naim today proudly received His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent together with local dignitaries including The Lord-Lieutenant of Wiltshire, Mr. John Bush, OBE, The High Sheriff of Wiltshire, Dame Elizabeth Neville, DBE, QPM, The Chairman, Wiltshire Council, Councillor Brigadier Robert Hall, The Mayor of Salisbury, Councillor Mr. Brian Dalton and Deputy Chief Constable of Wiltshire Mr. David Ainsworth.

His Royal Highness attended to present Naim with its Queen’s Award for Enterprise, in the International Trade category of the 2010 awards. As well as a tour of the factory where he took the opportunity to meet and speak with members of the Naim production teams hand assembling Naim’s hi-fi specialist audio products.

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