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June, 2010:

Linux, beneath its friendy exterior is an inpenetratable heart

I’ve wasted hours trying to get SqueezeServer running well under Ubuntu 10.04 and then Fedora 13.  I thought I was doing well as I followed the instructions and installed the Spotify plugin and with the addition of Wine it worked brilliantly under Ubuntu.

But, and there is a big but, I could not get either operating system to let me access my NAS drive – or indeed any network drive.  I’ve Googled and tried all sorts of Samba type things but I remain stored music less. So internet radio works, Spotify works but I can’t access any stored music.

So the time has come to give up on such stupid ideas of running a third operating system (or fourth if you include Server 2003) here and the ‘Squeezebox’ PC has reverted to Win7.

At least I tried…

One more thing, I didn’t actually do any serious listening while running under Ubunto but I’m convinced BBC radio – the iPlayer streams – didn’t sound as good.  Weird.

WordPress 3.0 and all’s well – just

I lost count of the updates to WordPress, the Theme and the Plugins yesterday.  There were certainly quite a few. It’s all working but some of the design elements don’t seem to be working quite as well as before.  Drop down menus are ragged as an example. More work to do when there is time.

Now I’m off to try to get hosted Exchange working.  It might be a bit more practical than a SBS2003 to SBS2008 change which basically is a full reinstall.

Naim shows iPhone app for Wireless Multi-Room UnitiSystem

Home Technology Event ExCeL London 15 June 2010. Naim today confirmed the release of the iPhone and iPod Touch control app for the UnitiSystem. The app completes the UnitiSystem line up.

UnitiSystem is the first wireless multi-room system from a high-end hi-fi manufacturer.

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The increasing popularity of audio streaming around the home has led to the development of wireless multi-room systems that put streaming at the centre of their offerings. UnitiSystem is the first system of its kind launched by an audiophile brand, bringing genuine high fidelity audio to wireless multi-room.

NaimNet previews fully customisable iPad app

Home Technology Event 2010 ExCeL London 15 June. NaimNet today announces a preview of their new, fully customisable, iPad app.

One unique feature of the NaimNet iPad app is that, as an example using simple HTML5 code, a plan of the home can be developed and illustrated. Rather than a room listing as a starting point for the control functions, most people would find a plan view far more intuitive.

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NaimNet launches New Wall Loudspeakers

Home Technology Event ExCeL London 15 June 2010. NaimNet today launches a range of specialist high-end in- and on-wall loudspeakers. They will be available in July.

These NNLS speakers are the result of responding to feedback from installers and specifiers. Most NaimNet installers felt that the market was glutted with low-performance in- or on-wall loudspeakers, but that there was a shortage of CI speakers that truly performed.

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Chord ChameleonPlus Interconnect

As the seasons move, in one month, from Spring to Summer to Spring to Winter and back to Summer, Chord has launched the new ChameleonPlus interconnect. Like the Summer sky the ChameleonPlus is brilliant blue.

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The Chameleon Silver Plus interconnect that it replaces was a hugely popular and compatible interconnect that worked with a whole variety of wonderful hi-fi systems. The new ChameleonPlus builds on this performance and offers improved dynamics, greater detail over a wider frequency range and a remarkably precise stereo image.