Naim wins Queen’s Award

Naim Audio is pleased to announce today that Her Majesty The Queen has approved the Prime Minister’s recommendation that a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category should be conferred on the company.

The Queen’s Award celebrates the Queen’s birthday and six years of continuous growth in Naim’s export sales – a remarkable achievement given the world economy.

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Squeezebox Touch – a week later

What an interesting beast this is. The lispy addition to voices that I was complaining about in my original post has gone. The sound quality is really rather good using the digital out. I prefer the optical output to the coax into the Naim DAC. The optical has a more refined presentation and just sounds right, the coax a little courser.

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Initial thoughts on the Squeezebox Touch

Anyway it’s arrived and very nice it is too. It’s been running overnight using the standard supplied PS and I’ve recently changed over to the Maplin linear PS as much for my piece of mind as any sonic reason. There is a small difference but not enough to rush to the shops.

What does it sound like? OK, I suppose, is all I can report so far. I’ve only tried the optical and coaxial digital outputs running into a Naim DAC with 555 PS. It has an edge to the sound that sneaks its way on to every song. It’s a slight hard lispiness to vocals that accentuates the lips and teeth sounds. Coax digital sounds substantially different from Optical – surprisingly different in fact.

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New Chord CobraPlus Interconnect Cable

At £66.00 for a one metre pair of RCA to RCA cables, CobraPlus represents a considered purchase. Cobra 3, the previous occupant of this price point was hugely successful, both in shop run demonstrations and also in the “take it home, try it and bring it back if you’re not happy’ type of demonstration.
CobraPlus therefore needed to build on the performance of Cobra 3 and deliver significant improvements. It does.

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