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February, 2009:

Identity theft, fraud and the time wasted

A man with the initials TL (I’m not choosing to use his name as it will just stay around forever on Google searches) has been fraudulently using my company name. He evidently is being searched out by the Irish police.

He has been advertising that he has bulk quantities of iPods and iPhones available.  Judging from a few of the calls I have taken, some people have sent him money.

This situation is truly awful.  People are being ripped off and they don’t seem to have any recourse via where TL advertises.

I can see why he isn’t using eBay, at least they seem to take fraud seriously.

I can see this situation wasting so much of my time.  There is no easy way of making this go away.  Although the ads have gone from Alibaba there are still mentions via Google searches.  At least they dead end.

If you have any good suggestions email me.

DacMagic – Added the power, what about the glory?

The 225VA transformer has been terminated with a suitable mains lead and power in plug for the Cambridge.  It”s been plugged in and blown a one and a two amp fuse with its switch on surge so it’s running with a 3amp fuse.

This by the way is not the way to do something for long-term use.  This is just as a quick test to see if it’s worth experimenting further and if the results are good the tranny will be mounted in a decent case suitably fused. This is not the type of experiment I suggest for anyone outside of a lab.  The mains is dangerous.

The listening results today are different to those at Malcolm’s last evening.  There it was pretty conclusive that the new supply confused the balance and lost some integration. It wasn’t bad at all, just not quite as well balanced as the original supply.  Shows that Cambridge put some time and effort into the whole package.

Today and in my system the results aren’t quite so clear cut.  There are elements of the same as last night but at the same time the system with the experimental tranny has more drive, is a bit more dramatic on the dynamics front and makes my foot tap more.

It’s really very track dependant: a couple of Paul Simon tracks definitely favoured the larger supply, a Springsteen just showed off the slight forwardness the supply delivered and sounded harsh. Another Springsteen – I’m on Fire – worked.

Would I recommend trying a supply if it were available on some try before buy deal – yes – but only if it were a no strings try before buy deal.  I’m sure that with the, very justified, success of the Cambridge DacMagic there will quite a few companies offering upgrade power supplies.

Finally it might be worth noting that the cost of the transformer delivered was around £35 so it might easily be a £100++ power supply if sold online and all neatly packaged.  Quite a investment for a budget DAC even if it’s a great budget DAC.

The transformer for the DacMagic trial has arrived

A 225VA 12V toroid has arrived today for the “does a larger transformer improve the Cambridge DacMagic trial”.

Hope to add the necessary connections to do the first listening tests tomorrow – more then.

Naim launches NaimUniti

On demonstration for the first time at the Bristol Sound and Vision show February 20-22, and on sale from April 2009, the NaimUniti – the more music box – will deliver the customary Naim sound quality and emotional connection to music to a new generation of customers as well as existing ones.
Naim developed the NaimUniti – never to be called Uniti – in recognition of a growing demand for integrated solutions. Sophisticated consumers are becoming used to converging audio sources but can be reluctant to compromise on quality. Now they don’t have to.


Market Research or Sugging

I feel sugged.

Not that I bought anything and I only wasted a few minutes but it’s amazing how marketing handled badly can really put one off a brand forever.


A week or so ago I received a letter from Verisign offering the results of the research and a £10 Amazon voucher for completing the questionnaire.

I filled it out – it didn’t take long This was the post questionnaire submission response:

Thank you for filling out the VeriSign SSL survey. To read more about the VeriSign® Secure Site Services, go to: As part of our thanks for your participation, we will share the results of the survey with you free of charge. Plus, if you were one of the first 200 to respond to the survey, you will receive a £10® gift card* within 4–6 weeks. Thank you again and please look out for your copy of the survey results. So no mention of when I might receive the results and then I find it will take 4-6 weeks to find out if I will receive my ten pound voucher.

I looked back at the original letter and I know understand why 4point type was invented. The 4-6 weeks is there along with the “only if you are one of the first 200” but very small and easy to miss. Since then I’ve had one or two emails from Verisign trying to sell me stuff, but no reply to my email  of complaint sent via their own website – so they can’t use spam as an excuse.  Would have thought a week would be enough time for a reply.

This has given me a really bad feeling towards Verisign which might be a fine company but due to the, in my view, poor way it treats its customers or potential customers I’ll never find out. I hope the marketing manager responsible isn’t feeling too happy with this ‘promotion’ as I can’t be the only potential customer who feels sugged.

Follow up: Andrew the marketing manager concerned contacted me and expressed his concern over my concern and that somehow my communication hadn’t got to him. Nice to see that sometimes my grumpy old man blogs between the new products and the ‘I’ve been listening to’ blogs reach the right people. I’m impressed that Andrew contact me so quickly and didn’t make excuses or blame anybody else. Verisign is off my ‘no not ever list’

Chord SuperScreen Mains Cable

As designers will often say, designing a product with a strict budget in mind is very often far harder than designing something state of the art.

Chord set out to achieve superb performance at a very affordable price.  The SuperScreen mains cable delivers wonderful value for money at £65 for a one metre cable.

SuperScreen Mains