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January, 2009:

NaimNet’s new website

NaimNet has developed the new website – which is live in time for the ISE show in Amsterdam – to operate on three levels: to offer a high level of support to NaimNet installers; to act as a shop window for prospective customers – to drive traffic to NaimNet installers – and to provide non-NaimNet-certified trade with more technical information

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Adrian supplies more header images

Adrian Lyon the photographer that supplied all my wonderful original header images has just supplied some more.

The images are random so you may have to refresh the page(s) a few times to see all the images

And please respect Adrian’s copyright on these images.

Adrian Lyon Photography

Chord Signature AES/EBU Digital Cable

Chord has spent many months experimenting, with what has often been a frustratingly difficult connection, and believes that the new Chord Signature AES/EBU is the right answer.

One of the real challenges with the AES/EBU connection is that audiophiles have often found that, despite the technical advantages that the AES/EBU connection offers, a high quality S/PDIF connection will produce the better quality sound.

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Chord launches Indigo Plus Digital Cable

The Chord Company has added a new digital cable to their range of Indigo interconnects. The Indigo Plus Digital features the same precision-machined resonance-damping acrylic plug surrounds and secondary signal return conductor configuration as used on the Indigo Plus analogue cable. There however, other than the indigo sleeve, the similarities end. The Indigo Plus Digital features specially treated high-purity, oxygen-free, solid-core copper conductors, a gas foamed polyethylene dielectric and a unique combination shielding system designed to protect the signal from high-frequency interference.

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The Thumbnails are back

Still don’t quite understand why but some of my thumbnails files were thumbs-filename and some were thumbs_filename.
Now I’ve renamed them all to thumbs_filename they all seem to work again.
I can move on to more important things like getting the next Chord press release out.

Cambridge Audio Dacmagic

I’ve had a the new Cambridge Audio Dacmagic for maybe a couple of months now and its not disappointed.  For two hundred pounds it’s fabulous value.

I started off running it in and using it connected via a Chord Prodac Prodigital coax cable from my Squeezebox 3.  It’s a great match for the SB3, delivering increased clarity and drive over the SB3’s line out. Sort of seems in the right price range for an upgrade to the SB3 as well.

Next was connecting it via USB to my HP Note 2133 to play internet radio.  Using Radio Paradise’s 128AAC stream as the primary source – a great souce of quality music with great sound – it sounded flat and boring.  What was surprising was just how easily it connected and Win XP recognised it straight away.  Really plug and play.

Adding a M-Audio Transit sound card connected via USB and then feeding the output from the Transit via a Chord Optichord optical cable into the Cambridge changed the sound quality completely: dynamics returned, life and energy returned and music was fun to listen to again. Internet radio can sound surprisingly good.

I do have an even better internet radio player but I’m not free to talk about that yet.

Two or more things to try with the Dacmagic yet: a larger power transformer and changing to ASIO drivers as these are supported by the Transit. Might even try the three filters sometime.  I reckon that there is loads more to get out of it if only I had enough time to experiment.

More on these another day.